Welcome tTelavivie (A native or inhabitant of Tel Aviv) – a first of its kind destination dedicated to the exquisite fashion and style of Tel Aviv. More than just a global shopping platform, Telavivie represents a philosophy for style and being. Much of its appeal derives from the nature of being TelavivieJust like New Yorker, the Berliner or the Angelino, the Telavivie bares certain qualities and criteria (unique in her or his Mediterranean fiery/hot temper). And much like these big-city types, the Telavivie consists of the rapid flux of contemporary culture – art, fashion, music or food.

Translating a personal vision of the ever-vibrant TLV, Telavivie offers a comprehensive collection of apparel and accessories from the city’s foremost designer labels. Personally handpicked by Talia Schnitkes Ben-TalTelavivie’s founder and chief editor, it’s as a home to a carefully curated edit. And with its online magazine, where you can learn more of the unique creativity of TLV, Talia wishes Telavivie to create its own movement.

It is pretty simple. With fresh retail concept in mined, Telavivie explores a creative territory which wasn’t fully or properly explored before. Showcasing TLV’s finest talents – be it fresh off the runways of Shenkar College of Engineering and design, an internationally acclaimed fashion institution, or the city’s established names – Telavivie offers a novel selection for the progressive and curious fashion customer. Always with a fresh take on contemporary fashion, one could say it is what makes a true Telavivie.

Telavivie.com – the finest edit in TLV fashion.