Terms & Conditions TLV MODA


These Terms and Conditions shall govern the customer use of the Site, and should be read carefully. By using the Site, the customer acknowledges and accepts these Terms and Conditions; accordingly, if the customer disagrees with these Terms and Conditions or any part thereof, the customer should not use the Site.

The website www.Telavivie.com (Hereinafter: the “Site“), is an Internet virtual store selling products to the public surfers over the Internet.

The site owner and operator is “TLV MODA GROUP LTD”, Register Number. 515725372, whose registered office is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, 4 Hamikzoa St. P.O.B2 , Zip code 6777204 (Hereinafter: “TLV MODA”). Phone number (+972)3-752-4412.

By registering to this site ot using any of this Site’s services you are deemed to understood and accepted these terms.

TLV MODA reserve the right to change and/or modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time on its own discretion, without prior notice, and therefore, it is highly recommended to go over the up-to-date Terms and Conditions before each use and/or order.


TLV MODA acts to preserve the confidentiality of information provided to it through SSL encryption. Credit card information submitted as part of placing an order is not saved at all on the site, as credit card processing is performed using the external clearing services provider TRANZILA.

TLV MODA warrants that, except for any purposes specified hereinafter (i.e delivery purposes), and/or if it is required by law, no customer information will be transferred to any third party.


In order to register, a new user will need to enter a valid email address and create a user name and password.

It is highly recommended to keep the customer username and password confidential as they allow access to customer’s account.

To continue setting up an account, the customer will need to enter his/hers true, complete and accurate personal details, billing address (which must correspond with his/hers payment card address) and delivery address, as required on the site.


By making an offer to purchase merchandise you expressly authorize us to perform credit checks, and where TLV MODA feels necessary, to transmit or to obtain updated information about you, to or from third parties, including, but not limited to, your and/or any other relevant credit/debit card number or credit reports, to authenticate identity, to validate credit/debit card, to obtain an initial credit/debit card authorization and to authorize individual purchase transactions.

In case the customer is a minor (under the age of 18) or not qualified to perform legal actions without guardian’s approval, Minor customer is required to inform his/hers parents and/or legal guardians (Hereinafter: “The Parents”) of these Terms and Conditions and to obtain their prior approval to perform any action of any type within this site.

The parents are responsible to inform a minor customer interested in purchasing on this site of these Terms and Conditions and to supervise the minor’s’ actions pursuant to these Terms and Conditions. Any action that is performed by a minor on this constitutes the minors and/or the parents’ consent to these Terms and Conditions.

TLV MODA may prevent a customer from placing an order on the site if:

(a) The customer has performed an illegal act and/or violated the law.

(b) The customer breaches these Terms and Conditions in any way.

(c) If a customer provides false information upon his registration.

(d) If the customer performed an act that harms the site-or the proper operation of the site and/or his/hers representative and/or any of the designers and/or any third party.


Delivery costs are additional to the displayed product price and vary depending on the delivery service the customer selects, the country of delivery and the quantity/weight of goods ordered.

The Purchase Price includes VAT, and excludes sales taxes or export or import duties or similar charges that may apply to the purchase or delivery of the customer’s products. Such as additional taxes, duties and charges may be invoiced directly to the customer from our delivery service provider or from an import broker appointed by the customer and he/she will be liable for all such taxes, duties and charges. It is recommended that the customer contact his/hers local customs authority prior to placing an order for more information on any sales, import or export taxes that may apply to the purchase or delivery of the products.




Once the customer has set up an account, the customer will be directed to the shipping confirmation page, and will then proceed to the secure payment page where he/she may select the payment method and complete the order. Following submission of the customer order TLV MODA will send the customer an automated order acknowledgement to the email address

For the avoidance of doubt; automated order acknowledgement sent to customer’s email address does not constitute an evidence of the transaction and does not constitute an obligation from TLV MODA side. . Only the registered order at TLV MODA’s computer registry will be a conclusive evidence of the correctness of the order and will constitute its obligation to deliver the purchased goods.


Paypal and the following credit cards are accepted: VISA, Diners.
The customer must ensure that he/she provides the card holder’s name as it is shown on the card, and the billing address as it appears on the card statement.
In the event that a transaction is not approved by the credit card company – the customer will receive an appropriate notification.

All orders are subject to acceptance by TLV MODA. Upon placing the order, TLV MODA will run a check pertaining to the credit card details and upon receiving the order confirmation from the credit card company, will deliver appropriate notification to the user that the order was approved.

TLV MODA acts to preserve the confidentiality of information provided to it through SSL encryption. Credit card information submitted as part of placing an order is not saved at all on the site, as credit card processing is performed using the external clearing services provider TRANZILA.


Delivery fees will be paid along with the payment for the goods. Delivery fees will appear at the end of the order process under the items chosen by the customer in the customer shopping bag, and will be paid upon purchasing the product. In the case of instalment payments, shipping fees will be paid by the first payment.

Delivery times depend on the delivery service selected and the types of goods ordered. We always aim to dispatch all goods in stock as quickly as possible and within 14 business days after an order is concluded and charged.
TLV MODA will not be held responsible for any delays of various courier services and will not be held responsible for any act and/or omission committed by the courier service, including, but not limited to a delay in making the delivery.

The customer must report immediately to TLV MODA should the product not delivered within the delivery period. If the customer is not interested in waiting for the product beyond the period of delivery, the customer will receive the money he paid for that product in accordance with the agreement with the shipping company after verifying the complaints registered at TLV MODA computers.


Cancelations must be done within 14 days upon receiving the products, by informing TLV MODA via email – info@telavivie.com

TLV MODA will then, specify product return details by a returned email.

The product must be returned in its original packaging, unused, with the designer’s garments and TLVMODA tag attached to the item, without any damage and / or defect and / or corruption of any kind whatsoever, and within 14 days from the day of the receipt of the TLV MODA e-mail reply.

It is clarified that there will be no returns of fine jewelry, jewelry lingerie and perfume items that were purchased through the site, unless expressly stated otherwise.

We will make reimbursement without delay, and not later than 14 days after the day we received the product that the customer delivered as required and specified above.

The customer will have to bear the handling and delivery expenses of the product in the case of cancelling an order, and these expenses will be deducted from the amount of the reimbursement.

Briefs, swimsuits and bikini bottoms should be tried on over underwear, without removing the protective adhesive strip.


Unless otherwise stated, all intellectual property rights (Hereinafter: “Intellectual Property Rights”) in all content included on this Site, including all text, graphics, logos, photographs and images) are the exclusive property of TLV MODA or its licensors and is protected by law.

Any commercial use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution and transmission of any content is strictly prohibited.


The customer hereby agrees and acknowledges that he/she is responsible for his/her use of the site.

If the customer breaches these Terms and Conditions in any way, or if we reasonably suspect that the customer has breached these Terms and Conditions in any way, we may:

(a) Send the customer one or more formal warnings;

(b) Temporarily suspend the customer access to our site;

(c) Permanently prohibit the customer from accessing our site;

(d) Contact any or all of the customer internet service providers and request that they block the customer access to our site;

(e) Execute legal action against the customer, whether for a breach of contract or otherwise.

(f) Suspend or delete the customer account on our site.


TLV MODA and / or management of the site and / or their representatives shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, caused to the customer and / or surfer and / or a third party as a result of the use or purchase on the site, and shall not be liable or be deemed in breach of these Terms and Conditions by the customer – for any cause- including loss of income and / or prevention of profit incurred for any reason.

Images of the products on the site are for illustration purposes only, and may differ in part or in whole, from the products actually sold.

TLV MODA cannot be responsible for customer use that is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and /or TLV MODA instructions, including washing machine damage, or for any other reason.